Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia

Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia syndrome or MEN is a rare genetic disorder which affects families and manifests in various patterns of disease including thyroid cancer, hyperparathyroidism, pituitary and pancreatic tumors. MEN patients who present with one of the disorders may be found on further investigation to have one of the others as well. Genetic testing can then be carried out to confirm the diagnosis of the syndrome. Family members are then tested to determine if they have the disorder in order to offer treatment before the components of the syndrome have a chance to threatening the person’s life or well-being.

The Mount Sinai Endocrine Surgery Parathyroid and Thyroid Programs are well-equipped to deal with every aspect of diagnosis, counseling, and treatment of the MEN syndrome and its manifestations. Our team, which is led by Endocrine Surgeons who specialize in treating thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pancreatic disorders, will work to come to a rapid and accurate diagnosis and then to outline a comprehensive treatment plan. The endocrinologists on our team have a depth of knowledge that allows us to offer treatment that controls the disease entities in a comprehensive way before surgery is undertaken. Often more than one operation may be necessary, and the order in which these are performed is critical. Since endocrine surgeons have specialty training in managing cervical (neck) and abdominal endocrine disorders, the team can create a complete treatment plan for our MEN patients.

Finally, operations may be appropriate and advantageous for children diagnosed with one of the MEN syndromes (via genetic testing) before the diseases have become apparent. Our team of surgeons and anesthesiologists are able to offer the highest level of care to this group of pediatric patients. All pediatric endocrine surgery procedures are performed with 2 attending surgeons.