Parathyroid CT Scanning

Parathyroid CT scanning is a highly accurate localizing study that has been perfected at Mount Sinai. Parathyroid CT scanning takes about 5 minutes to perform and all studies are read by our program’s parathyroid radiologist. Difficult or challenging cases undergo a comprehensive review by the Parathyroid Center Care Team to arrive at the best treatment plan. Your results will be relayed to you within 24 hours if not the same day. Please find below examples of parathyroid CT images. To learn more, please watch our short consultation video on Parathyroid CT Scanning:

Ectopic retropharyngeal parathyroid adenoma

An ectopic right superior parathyroid gland located high in the neck behind the pharynx. Both ultrasound and sestamibi scanning were negative. Surgery took 25 minutes to complete and the patient went home the same day. Of note, the patient had had prior thyroid surgery (total thyroidectomy).

Right inferior parathyroid adenoma

The CT images clearly demonstrate a right inferior parathyroid adenoma; please note that the enlarged parathyroid gland is located just behind the thyroid gland.

Left inferior parathyroid adenoma

This patient underwent a successful endoscopic transaxillary parathyroidectomy. For this approach, the incision is made in the axilla (arm pit) so that there is no scar on the neck.

Left inferior parathyroid adenoma near the carotid artery

The blue arrow shows the left inferior parathyroid adenoma whereas the red arrow points to the carotid artery. Please appreciate the detailed anatomical information which is incredibly useful for planning minimally invasive parathyroidectomy.

Ectopic left inferior parathyroid gland located in the chest behind the sternum (breast bone)

This patient had a failed operation by another experienced parathyroid surgeon. A Mount Sinai parathyroid CT scan demonstrated an ectopic gland (blue arrow) located in the chest behind the breast bone (white arrow). Dr Owen successfully removed the abnormal gland through a neck incision and the patient was cured. The patient traveled from another state to have surgery at the Endocrine Surgery Parathyroid Center.

Descended right superior parathyroid adenoma

A firm understanding of parathyroid embryology is essential for successful parathyroid surgery. In this CT image, a right upper parathyroid adenoma has “descended” to a position low in the neck. The blue arrow shows the parathyroid adenoma near the spinal column, the red arrow shows the carotid artery.