Parathyroid Ultrasonography

Parathyroid ultrasound is an essential tool for planning minimally invasive parathyroid surgery. Ultrasound is quick, inexpensive, readily available and does not expose the patient to radiation. Every patient that is evaluated at our program will undergo a parathyroid ultrasound by your surgeon during the initial consultation. The ultrasound is also performed in the operating room to assist with precise gland location and incision placement.

Left inferior parathyroid adenoma

A left inferior parathyroid adenoma is marked by the blue arrow. Knowing the precise gland location assist the surgeon with minimally invasive parathyroidectomy. As with all our patients, these images were obtained in the operating room by the surgeon prior to starting the operation.

Right inferior parathyroid adenoma

These images were obtained in the operating room during surgeon-performed ultrasound. The parathyroid adenoma (darker, tear-dropped nodule) is clearly visible behind the thyroid gland.