2014 – A nurse from CA travels to Mount Sinai for parathyroid surgery and is very happy with the compassionate care she received

Recently (Sept. 29th) I had a parathyroidectomy performed by Drs. Inabnet and Fernandez-Ranvier. When I first called their office, Denise (patient coordinator) made my appointment with ease. She provided me with easy directions. I was diagnosed with Primary Hyperparathyroidism about a year ago. My endocrinologist recommended a visit to see Dr. Inabnet. He performed an ultrasound of my parathyroid glands and easily found that one of them appeared abnormal. Dr. Inabnet ordered a CT study which was just a short walk from his office (on that same day). He recommended a parathyroidectomy after reviewing the results. My husband (physician) decided after researching this diagnosis that I was in the best place for this procedure and medical care. The procedure went very well and I really did not experience any pain. The team at the Ambulatory Surgical Center were great. One can see they enjoy what they do and have been working together for a long time. As a Registered Nurse in a surgical setting myself, I was most observant with all the small details. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making this an easy process!