2014 – Patient treated in VA and Tampa, FL obtains 4th opinion at Mount Sinai

Year of procedure/evaluation: Patient treated in VA and Tampa, FL obtains 4th opinion at Mount Sinai

In the past four years I have seen a lot of doctors, I’ve had a lot of blood tests, MRIs, and other uncomfortable procedures. I had a rare condition where a large uterine fibroid was compressing nerves that fed my glute muscles. It went misdiagnosed for two years; while my health was radically changed.

During this time the doctors also found I had high calcium. I had two parathyroid surgeries that proved to be unsuccessful (I still had high calcium). I came to Dr. Inabnet because I wanted a surgeon that had the latest techniques in locating bad parathyroid glands. I also was extremely impressed with his surgical abilities in least invasive removal of bad parathyroid glands. I found his information on the internet, by doing my own research.

From the time I first spoke on the phone with Dr. Inabnet, I knew I had made the right decision. When I arrived at Mt. Sinai I was given the best of care by Dr. Inabnet and his staff. I was made to feel at ease. I had been to many other leading doctors where I felt like a number. Conversely, when I met with Dr. Inabnet he had thoroughly reviewed my case, he listened to everything I had to say about my medical history, and he answered any questions I had. I felt he was truly interested in fixing the problem; and not just adding me to his surgical schedule or turning me away to figure it out on my own. He took on my case when other leading surgeons would not.

In Dr. Inabnet’s search for the problem, he requested a genetic test for “Familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia”. Six weeks later, the test result came back. It was positive; and Dr. Inabnet called to give me the great news – no more tests – no surgery needed!!
A great weight has been lifted, and I am looking forward to celebrating my 50th birthday in a few short months. I totally agree with a previous patient’s statement “Dr. Inabnet is truly a magnificently skilled physician and I recommend him without hesitation. All doctors should be like him, and if they were, I believe we would be healthier.”