2014 – Patient underwent failed parathyroid surgery elsewhere comes to Mount Sinai for expert care

I was referred to Dr. Inabnet by another physician due to my having an unusual parathyroid condition which required difficult surgery by a very experienced surgeon. According to the referring doctor, Dr. Inabnet was one of three surgeons in eastern North America known to be qualified to perform such surgery. It took a year for my HMO to approve Dr. Inabnet as he was out of network and the insurance company repeatedly denied my appeals. I am so glad I persevered as during surgery my calcium levels dropped dramatically and Dr. Inabnet performed a parathyroid transplantation. His level of expertise in the O.R. made my recovery that much easier and faster. Dr. Inabnet answered all of my questions before and after surgery patiently, thoroughly, and in easily understandable terms. I could not have had a better experience and will always be grateful to him!