Year of procedure/evaluation: Ronald Lieberman

For the pass couple of years I've experienced many the symptoms of excessive parathyroid hormones. I was tired, bone aches, headaches, the start of osteoporosis, excessive thirst. sleeplessness, moodiness, etc.

Finally my primary care physician recommended an endocrinologist who after seeing her referred me to Dr. William B. Inabnet, III at Mount Sinai.

Dr. Inabnet and his staff kept me fully informed of the surgical procedure to remove one of my parathyroid glands. The doctor told me what to expect from the operation and fully disclosed how the operation was to be performed.

On the day of the surgery, I wasn't kept waiting in the waiting room. The surgery occurred on time. The anestheologist met with me prior to the surgery and I discussed my concerns since I have an enlarged prostate. Similar to Dr. Inabnet, the anestheologist explained to me how I would be sedated and what would occur during surgery.

Dr. Inabnet's surgery was exactly as he described it to me. I felt fine afterwards. Amazingly, most if not all of the symptoms disappeared after the surgery.

I had very little post-operative pain. I didn't need the painkillers. Within a day I was able to function find.

I followed Dr. Inabnet's post-operative care plan and my recovery was uneventful.

It's now three weeks after surgery and I feel perfect. There hasn't been any return of the symptoms and now I have no restrictions. I do take a vitamin supplement, but other then the vitamin I feel so energetic now.

I highly recommend Dr. Inabnet and his staff for making the entire surgical process less stress for me.