Excellent parathyroid and endocrine surgery team at the Mount Sinai Beth Israel

Year of procedure/evaluation: Neal Rosen

Great care and excellent outcome
I went for a physical and the blood work showed a dangerously high calcium level. I was referred to Dr. Suh. When I contacted his office and spoke to Dawn she was extremely helpful. She got me an appointment within three days. When I met Doctor Suh he was professional, concerned and thoughtful. He read my blood work results and did a sonogram of my neck. He did'nt like what he saw and showed my wife and I the images from the sonogram. Needless to say, we were both extremely worried. We discussed the symptoms of a parathyroid tumor and I never knew I had a problem. I never heard of a parathyroid. Doctor Suh spoke to both of us and assured us that everything would be fine. We discussed what was going on for quite a while. He immediately sent me upstairs to get a sonogram of my neck and thyroid and parathyroid and a biopsy of my parathyroid. Doctor Suh contacted me when he got the results of the tests and knew I was going to work on Saturday evening. I am a professional trumpet player. My calcium levels had risen. He suggested that I take it easy and made me an appointment for the hospital on Monday. I heeded his advice and did not work on Saturday evening. He contacted me again on Sunday to make sure I was alright. When I arrived at the hospital I was admitted and Doctor Suh's team began hydrating me and worked on lowering my calcium levels before surgery. In three days I was in surgery and Doctor Suh saw me in the morning and reassured me that everything would be OK. Doctor Suh removed and extremely large tumor from my parathyroid and half of my thyroid gland. He was able to take out the tumor in one sealed piece so that nothing bad could run into my neck. I was released from the hospital that evening. Doctor Suh kept in contact with me and allowed me to contact him regularly to discuss any problems or difficulties I was having. He was simply amazing. Dr. Suh is available to answer any questions and always gets back to me quickly and with the right answer. I went for my third postoperative care visit to see Doctor Suh on March 3, 2016. Everything is good and my calcium levels and hormones are normal. I am extremely grateful to Doctor Suh and his staff for helping me through this. Doctor Suh is a caring, thoughtful and special person and I could never thank him enough for what he has done for me and my family. Thank you, Neal Rosen