2016 – With sincere gratitude…

Year of procedure/evaluation: Deborah Hawkins

2016 - Excellent care for hyperparathyroidism @ Mt Sinai BI
Dr. Hyunsuk Suh is an excellent surgeon who truly cares about his patients. Upon arriving at Mt. Sinai, I was really scared about having surgery to remove my parathyroid gland but once Dr. Suh came in the room and greeted me so warmly, I forgot I was scared. He took the time to hear all of my concerns and assured me that everything would be alright. He explained the procedure and what I should expect. Today I am happy to say that I feel 100% better and Dr. Suh is the reason why. Not only because he did an excellent job at removing the parathyroid but because I know he really cares about his patients and wants them to get better. I would recommend Dr. Suh and Mt. Sinai to anyone looking for excellent care.