Excellent care by the Mount Sinai Beth Israel parathyroid surgery team

Year of procedure/evaluation: Aryel Aabotinsky

I had my parathyroid surgery and I never know it would have been this easy. Dr. Inabnet and his staff was so great. When I went to have the surgery I was so afraid, but he and his staff let me feel so comfortable, that in no time before the surgery I felt at ease. My surgery is less than a month and already my scare is healed. I can't express how happy I am to have had the best surgeon did my parathyriodectomy. Until to date I have no pain, no soreness, and the same morning, just a couple hours after my surgery I was able to eat everything. Great job Dr. Inabnet, you have the greatest team of people working with you. Keep up the good work. I had other surgeries before and none of them went this well.