Excellent teamwork for Parathyroid surgery

Year of procedure/evaluation: Alla Demchenko

I had my parathyroid surgery on 06/30/2017 Dr. Hyunsuk Suh and his staff were amazing!. When I went to have the surgery I was so afraid, but he and his Team let me feel so comfortable, that in no time before the surgery I felt at ease. My surgery was done a month ago already my scar has healed well. I can't express how happy and thankful I am to have had the best surgeon Dr.Hyunsuk Suh, MD. I regret, that I did not know him before. Now I am full of energy without a headache, pain, or soreness. Just a few hours after my surgery, I was able to eat and drink everything. Great job Dr. Dr.Hyunsuk Suh! Also, He has the greatest team of people working together. Keep up the excellent performance! Thank you very much to your co-worker Dawn, I never see her, but she took excellent care of me over the phone, she was polite, knowledgeable and concern about everything I asked. Thanks again to every body and God Bless!!!