2015 – Nervous patient is comforted at Mount Sinai Beth Israel

Year of procedure/evaluation: Deborah Naroff Scott

I chose Dr. Inabnet to do my Parathyroid surgery because of his wonderful credentials, experience, and because he was highly recommended. I was extraordinarily nervous about this particular surgery, even considering not having it when I knew very well I needed to have it. Dr. Inabnet far exceeded my expectations in just about every way, and in particular from a humanistic point of view. His kindness and care for me as a person was the reason I actually went through with the surgery. I was in tears right before my surgery, and about to bolt (having texted my husband downstairs and saying I'm going home!)" -- when I drew the curtain, Dr. Inabnet was standing outside of the dressing room. When I saw him, his warm smile and understanding demeanor and body language made me go through with it. I trusted him and his team immensely, ended making him laugh with my funny sense of humor, and he removed 2 Parathyroids. I was so grateful he checked all my Parathyroids so I wouldn't have to go back the next year for another one needing to be removed. My recovery has been completely flawless. Thank you Dr. Inabnet (and staff) for not losing patience with me and taking great care of me. I adore you all. -- Tough customer in NJ! 🙂