Parathyroid center at Mount Sinai

Year of procedure/evaluation: Joan Facella

My thanks to Dr. Inabnet and his staff for their wonderful care. Due to an elevated calcium level and continued bone density loss, Dr. Inabnet did an ultrasound which determined I needed a parathyroidectomy. During the initial visit, Dr. Inabnet listened as I reviewed my medical history. He was attentive at all stages; he carefully explained the procedure and answered my many questions. Dr. Inabnet met me prior to the procedure and continued to be reassuring. Dr Inabnet and his team, both in the OR and Recovery, were very caring and professional. The office staff was knowledgeable and patient as I had difficulty transferring my records from one doctor's office to Dr. Inabnet's office. Overall, the care provided by Dr. Inabnet and his team was unsurpassed.