2013 – Patient with severe symptoms feels much better after successful surgery at Mount Sinai

After probably well over a decade of unexplained osteopenia and then osteoporosis, frequent urination, rising blood pressure, word finding problems and unexplained bouts of bone pain here and there, my endocrinologist found that my PTH was elevated. Extra vitamin D did nothing. Medications for osteoporosis did nothing. So, surgery was suggested.

I expected pain after the surgery. I figured that my voice would be affected for a while post-surgery. I wondered how many lobes would need to be removed, because I couldn't believe that so many problems could be a result of such a tiny piece of tissue malfunctioning.

All of my concerns turned out to be unfounded. Dr. Inabnet performed the surgery with local anesthesia and nerve blocks. The anesthesiologist explained that medication would prevent my remembering the procedure. I felt alert and quite normal in the recovery room after the operation. The only proof that I had a procedure was the IV needle in my arm and a tiny steri-strip at the base of my neck. I had no discomfort. My voice was normal. I waited for some pain, but there wasn't any. I never even took a Tylenol.

The PTH level is checked after a lobe is excised. My level dropped like a rock. I was thrilled to see the word "cured" on the post-op note to the referring physician. In the days after the surgery I noticed less word finding problems and I didn't run to the bathroom after every glass of water or cup of coffee. It had been so many years, that I forgot what normal felt like. My bone pains were intermittent, but I'm guessing that those are a thing of the past, too. My blood pressure also came down. I am absolutely amazed!

If I had a choice between a cure and a scar, I would take the scar. But I didn't need to make much of a choice. The surgical site is a line about an inch long pretty much in shadow. My grandson is 3 and notices every band aid and boo boo. He has yet to point to my neck and ask what happened.

I realize that everyone's experience is different, but my experience couldn't have been better.