2015 – Patient travels to New York from Hawaii to undergo parathyroid surgery at Mount Sinai

Year of procedure/evaluation: Maureen Felix

I cannot praise Dr. William B. Inabnet III highly enough! My endocrinologist determined that I needed a parathyroidectomy and suggested I see Dr. Inabnet; I was told he was the ONLY surgeon my endocrinologist would recommend. After my first consultation with Dr. Inabnet, I knew immediately that I was in the hands of a caring, competent and knowledgeable surgeon. He reviewed my file, performed additional tests and confirmed my need for surgery. Dr. Inabnet thoroughly reviewed all the details about the procedure and patiently answered all my questions. He and his highly efficient staff made every effort to accommodate my schedule since I reside in Hawaii and had previously made return travel plans. On the day of the surgery, Dr. Inabnet visited me before the procedure and once again his reassuring manner put me at ease; he immediately made me feel comfortable and safe. He visited me again in the recovery room and informed me that the operation had gone well, thus relieving any questions about the success of the operation I had. Dr. Inabnet seems to be able to anticipate concerns his patients have even before they express them to him. As a speech/language pathologist I was particularly concerned about the effect surgery would have on my voice. Dr. Inabnet was quite accurate in telling me how and when my voice would return. Not only was my voice restored within half an hour after the operation, but I also experienced no pain. In addition, even after just one week, the surgical scar is barely noticeable and is less than an inch long. I highly recommend Dr. Inabnet – a compassionate, reassuring and above all a skilled surgeon - to anyone who is considering a minimally invasive parathyroidectomy.