2013 – Patient travels to Mount Sinai from Minnesota to undergo endoscopic parathyroid surgery

After months of not feeling well, and not being sick either, we found that I have parathyroid adenoma (high calcium levels coupled to a high PTH level) and surgery was recommended by my Endocrinologist. I did not want surgery right away so I was put on Sensipar tablets; within a week it had brought my calcium level to 10.6 from 11.4, and my PTH hormone level to 197 from 200, but with a blood glucose level of 160. I was alarmed, and stopped the Sensipar and started thinking very hard about a parathyroid surgery. I read and read, and saw that choosing the right Surgeon was the most important denominator to a very successful and problem free procedure. Dr William Inabnet: his name flashed in front of me and I felt instant recognition. Before I started to read about him and his practice, I thought this is the man for my surgery - it still baffles me, except to say that my prayers were answered when I found him. What a Surgeon, not only is he a great one at his craft, he is humble and exhibits such great concern and care for his patients; I am so grateful and thankful that I found him.

Right from the get go, his first telephone call to me because I was out of state, kept my mind at ease, and the fact that I knew I had the right Surgeon, was so comforting to me, I was very worried because of the complicating situation that my parathyroid was accessed and biopsied by my clinic in Minneapolis without them knowing it was my parathyroid. Other practice settings would require patients to sign and acknowledge that factor, that their surgery not only got more complicated, by they might have voice issues. Dr Inabnet said it is complicated but we would do the localization test and do the surgery. I was so thrilled, so comforted before my meeting. When I flew in to see Dr Inabnet in person, right from the get go, I felt like had been my Physician and Surgeon all my life with his ease in explaining the path we will take to get me well. I had the surgery in July 2012, without any complication, and no neck scars because I had the endoscopic Transaxillary parathyroidectomy. I have to tell you about my surgery or you would not know it. People at my job that knew I travelled to have this surgery, keep stretching to see where the incision is, and I will tell them it is under my armpit. I really love to see their reaction, people are not even aware that you can have parathyroid surgery that way. It is fun and amusing.

I will recommend Dr Inabnet any day, anytime; he is a fabulous Healer, Physician, Teacher and Surgeon, and I hope he mounts an Internet network presence that brings him and his practice up out front readily, so patients on the net can make an informed choice.

Minneapolis, MN