2013 – Patient very pleased with treatment by Mount Sinai Parathyroid Program staff

I am a 74 year-old woman who recently had parathyroid surgery performed by the noted endocrine surgeon, Dr. Inabnet and I consider the experience a very good one, in every way. I believed that he would be the best possible choice to perform the procedure and I was not disappointed. I found him confident, kind, thoughtful, and sincere and attentive to me as an individual, before, during, and following the surgery. All Dr. Inabnet's office and medical staff were likewise respectful, helpful, efficient and kind at every step of the way, as were those in the other departments at Mount Sinai where I was sent for the various required pre-op procedures. From when I first called Dr. Inabnet's office inquiring about treatment, through my pre-op visit and the surgery, to my follow-up visit, I was made to feel that I must be everyone's very favorite patient at Mount Sinai!

Now, as the days and weeks since the surgery go by, I'm enjoying steadily improving health and happiness. My gratitude to all the wonderful people who made this happen cannot be overstated. Especially, of course, I thank Dr. Inabnet, himself.