2014 – Patient’s parathyroid surgery experience rates among the best

I was recently diagnosed with a higher than normal calcium level and a Sestamibi scan showed what appeared to be a parathyroid adenoma. After some research on the internet, I decided to go directly to an expert in the field to get an opinion about surgery. I made the initial visit to Dr. Inabnet at the impressive Mt. Sinai Hess Center. The registration staff were very professional and I only waited a few minutes before being led to an immaculately clean exam room. An associate doctor performed a preliminary examination that included a comprehensive review of my medical history and digital ultrasound of my thyroid and parathyroid glands. Immediately after that, Dr. Inabnet came in and introduced himself. He put me at ease right away with his patient-friendly personality and intelligent manner. After reviewing the ultrasound images and my history, he carefully recommended minimally invasive surgery to remove the adenoma.

Approximately 1 week later, I arrived at the surgical center and spent only a small amount of time in a nicely appointed waiting room before being led in for surgery. The whole procedure was performed using local anesthesia. After an additional two hours in a comfortable recovery area, I was cleared to go home. Amazingly, I had almost no pain and took only one Tylenol later that day. My calcium level returned to normal and the small incision mark on my neck is disappearing over time.

In summary, I feel that this surgical experience rates among the best that can be had. Dr. Inabnet and his support staff are very courteous, professional, and friendly. During a follow-up visit several weeks later I was again treated in the same wonderful manner. I would be happy to recommend this team of people to anyone looking for this or a related surgical treatment.